About Me

Hi, I’m Morgan and I’m on a mission. I’ve always been a life-long traveler but I’m finally getting serious about my goal to see every state in the USA and every nation in the world. I’ll be using this blog to document my travels, the lessons learned along the way and to keep myself honest.

I never quite know how to describe myself as I’ve bounced around the world a lot in my life and have made a habit of slipping in and out of cultures. First and foremost, I am a writer in love with the idea that there is constantly more world out there to explore. I aim to document as much as I can through story-telling and sharing my own personal experiences. There is something equally purifying and terrifying with going public with a deeply personal project like this, and I hope this will allow me to get back in touch with some parts of my personality that have lied dormant for far too long.

I am currently based in Brooklyn, New York and work full-time for a translation company. While not doing the translating, I do speak French and a bit of Norwegian. I’m also currently taking advantage of being in New York and learning Russian.

I received my Bachelor’s of Arts in political science, with a minor in French, from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2011. During my time there, I studied abroad at the Universitetet i Oslo in Norway. I, then, went to the University of Manchester where I received my Masters in Translation and Interpreting Studies in 2015.